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AP Land Records Adangal Download, Pahani, ROR 1B, FMB at Apland website & Mee seva

AP State Government (Revenue Department) Was providing free Service to Andhra Pradesh State Citizens. Now We can download Land adangals Copies & ROR -1B & pahani like that so many services are providing for free of cost. Now we can Download from online official website of AP Lands are provide full details how to download ap Adangal land records from Online website & How to Install Telugu font also so just follow that simple steps To download Andhra pradesh revenue department adangal.

To Download adangal you need to enter your land details:

1) District 2) Mandal 3) Village 4) Land Survey Number

AP land Adangal records website will work perfectly on Inter net Explorer Only. so don't use any other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, chrome opera etc...You can get AP adangal pahani & land records from Mee Seva centers also. From Ap Mee Seva centers you can get you land records & Adangals with signature of MRO & Mee seva center Operator with rubber stamp. legally you can use that record but from apland website also you can download ap land records but it will not useful to you.

Now in registrar office ap adangal pahani will accept only mee seva copies.

Some times official website of AP Land records will not work. so don't worry about that after some time it will work fine.

How to install Telugu font in Pc?
  • visit website
  • Right side of website
  • Font download option is available
  • after downloading the Telugu font (Anjali Oldlipi)
  • you want to install in Your Windows os.
  • just follow this simple steps
  • Start--> Control Panel --> Fonts --> (Paste Telugu font here)
  • AP land records website: Newsite:
Download APLand Records like Adangals, Pahani, ROR, Ap Land Records Adangals Check online for free Full detailed procedure given here Mee Bhoomi